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Our sites in Canada

Loyalist Township

Umicore is preparing to build a battery materials greenfield plant in Loyalist Township, which will be the first-of-its kind battery materials plant in North America. The plant will combine pCAM and CAM production and is expected to employ several hundreds of people.

Umicore's ambition is to be a preferred employer in the region and will make safety and environment a top priority for its people and surrounding community. 

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Umicore's production plant for emission control catalysts is situated in Burlington, about 70 km to the southwest from Toronto, and employs about 200 people.

Since the start in 1974, the plant enables automotive customers to build cars with cleaner exhaust system in compliance with the most stringent emission legislation.

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Fort Saskatchewan

Umicore in Fort Saskatchewan is part of Umicore's Tool Materials Unit.

They are specialized in designing, producing, and distributing fine metal powders for various applications like Hard Metals, Diamond Tools, High-density materials, Electrical contacts, Shielding materials, Metal Injection Molding, Friction materials, Thermal spray, and Hardfacing.

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Umicore's plant in Markham is a prominent supplier of precious metals products in grain, wire, sheet, rings and ring tube in gold, silver, platinum and palladium materials.

Umicore is also a full service refiner for precious metals for same metals from the Jewelry and Industrial markets.

The company was originally established in 1914 and is part of Umicore's Jewelry and Industrial Metals business unit.

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